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Pherlure Update 5


Dear Jesus,

I read your site daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I think your site is some of the most pimpin shit on the internet. I decided to take you up on your pheromone challenge, because I thought it would be funny to see if it works or not, and because I want to support what you do.

I ended up getting it in the mail a couple of days ago and the first thing I did was spray it on and go out to one of the bars near my university. I ended up meeting this girl, chattin’ her up and making out with her. I brought her home and had a wild fuckin’ night, or night of fuckin’.

I refuse to admit this was only because of the pherlure, since I am a pretty hot stud of a man. HAHA. But I do know that I got laid the first night I used it.

I couldn’t get you pics of us fucking or making out, that would have been too obvious, but the girl insisted on doing my laundry the next day, and I wouldn’t let that happen without getting a couple of shots for you.

Hope you like em!!

I will send you more stories and better pics and keep up the good work, you ROCK!!

Sorry dude, I won’t suck your dick, pheromones or not. You have to be the biggest suck up I’ve ever got an email from, and the girl probably slept with you, cuz you wouldn’t stop telling her how pretty she is, you fuckin’ homo. Thanks for the submission and go get me more pics. I will admit that I laughed when I saw her doing your laundry. That shit is classic.

All you people who don’t know what’s going on, you can read what this pheromone challenge in all about.

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