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Another Pheromone Update


All you haters just don’t understand. I am setting up this Pheromone Challenge to encourage you to leave your house for a fucking change and meet some people with vaginas. I am not doing this to scam you or to rip you off, like people think. I have said from day one that I don’t fully think it works, I am skeptical as shit, so I decided that we as a collective should put it to the test and share our stories. It forces us to leave our day to day life and hustle bitches with a camera and we will post these stories on this site. If you don’t want to be part of the game, that’s cool, but calling me a scammer is bullshit. When I used to sell drugs, I never cut it with glass or lactose, I would pride myself on having the best stock. I am not a good person at all, but I am also not out to rip anyone off. I just want all you motherfuckers to have some fucking fun.

Now here is my story from ski country. If you watched my useless video you will know that I went to a bar at some ski hill. If you read my last pheromone update, you will know that I am rockin’ a bottle of this shit everytime I go out.

So I meet this dude at the bar ordering a beer, he was solo too. I ask him what his story is and complain about how shitty the bar is. He came down with his parents and left his girlfriend at home for a weekend. I tell him that I have a spray that’s supposed to attract women and challenge him to go up to that girl who can’t dance. He takes me up on the challenge and ends up making out with her a little in the bar. They let me take a couple of pics, but I was wasted, and realize how much they suck.

The other thing that sucks is that the girl’s not so hot, the situation was in the dude’s favor, it was 2:45 am, I call girls like this “table scraps”. Either way, he did just meet her, and they did end up leaving together. So I guess it all worked out for him. More than I can say for you, unless jerking off to amateur porn counts as getting laid by a real girl, you fucking waste of space, cunt.

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