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I am – Kate Hudson’s STD of the Day

Nothing says “I have a mangled vagina” like a woman playing with her baby. I guess the thing this bitch has going for her is that she tainted her womb with Ryan Phillippe’s seed when she was still young. That means that her body rebounded nicely back into shape, so at 27 years old she’s not sitting on the porch, 300 lbs, eating oreo cookies, while her daughter nurses off the neighbor’s cat. That’s what usually happens to bitches who wait until they are past their prime to start baby making, they let themselves go on all fronts. They are the bitches you see at WalMart in their slippers and fat ass filled jogging pants. The lucky ones end up on Dr Phil complaining about how their husbands don’t fuck them anymore, and we all get to laugh at them proving that they aren’t useless at all.

For the non-peds who read the site, you’ll have have to wait another 15 years before knowing if the HUDSONSTD turns out to be a hot little slut or not. As for the peds, put your dick back in yo’ pants, this is not THAT kind of website. Pervert with your diaper fetish.

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