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I am – Marissa Miller’s Bikini of the Day


I have a hater and his name is Drunken Stepfather Blew My Dog and this is what he had to say:

Holy fuck you are an illiterate motherfucker! “Bra’s”? No caps on a name? Long, unfunny run-on sentences? Do you know about Spell Check? Have you seen the English language before?

That hurt, it brang back memories of when my grade 5 English teacher used to correct my stories with a big red pen. I was Mexican born and new to the country, to the school system and to red pens.

He also had to say:

This stupid rambling paragraph full of weak picture links is why I stopped coming to this place months ago. Stopping again.

You’re so indy!

I post up to date paparazzi pics, they are 500 pixels wide, if that isn’t big enough for you because you can only get off to massive pictures to compensate for your tiny penis, then leaving the site months ago was a good move. I will miss you. I feel like we barely had a chance to get to know each other.

Here’s a post DrunkenStepfahter Blew My Dog made before he was so angry His name was Bradley Whitford and this is what he had to say:

Get back to your real job of showing us accidental nipples or some gay horseshit.

I have to say that I carry both of my kids in one arm while I use the weekwhacker or my sonicare. Fuck it. If something happens to them the wife and I will just make more. It’s when they get older that the investment of time versus starting with a fresh kid makes that seem inconvenient.

Sorry, I don’t have any gay horseshit, but I do have here some useless pics of Marissa Miller from a couple days ago. She’s a bikini model and you’re a cunt. Cuddles.

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