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I am – Mischa Barton’s Bikini of the Day


There is this bitch named Sophia the Filipino from Singapore who lives in Australia and posts comments on this site under the name “SLUT”. She started reading the site a while ago and she was madly in love with DrunkenStepSteve. She would write him emails and tell him creepy shit about how she wanted him so bad, always in broken english. After Steve left the stepOFFICE for greener opportunities, because let’s face it, Stepfather isn’t a career,it’s not even a business, if anything it’s a little piece of shit that is left smudged on your toilet after a big mexican dump, anyway after Steve left I decided to get my intern to talk to Sophia, because I love talking to immigrants, even if they aren’t immigrants in my backyard. It turns out that she’s a virgin and unstable, this is the message she sent the us today.

Sophia _______________ *
i hate you
dont wonna
come here
be with me
i got to know
this canadian dude
and apparently
he wants me
and hes coming here
to find me
you can go
piss off
for all i care

I just wanted to say goodbye to her from Stepfather and post a picture of her in memory of the 5-10 conversations she had with us. Good luck with your Canadian man, I hope he deflowers you gently and that you don’t shred him up with those braces. Cuddles.

And now some Mischa Barton…..

Bonus – In a Dress

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