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I didn’t leave my house last night out of fear of getting struck by lighting. My agorophobia is getting worse as the months go on and I haven’t left my apartment in at least 8 days, and when I last did leave it was only for a few minutes before running back to my couch. I think it has something to do with the detox my doctor put me on, it’s got something to do with trying to keep me alive a couple more years. As depressing all this sounds, it really isn’t that bad, and I got a shitload of links here for you to check out, all hand picked by me. If you have anything for the next link dump, hit me up, I generally post everything, unless I forget, which happens.

A girl, A Gallery of Non-Nude Pics and A Masturbation Session for You GO

Jennifer Lopez See Through Dress GO

Funny Commercial and I Hate Commercials GO

Bring Back “I am – Draw Your Vagina and Describe it in 10 Words or Less” GO

Why Wasn’t I Invited to This?? GO

Tori Spelling is Going to Inherit Insane Money GO

Over 7,000,000 People Have Watched This Clip, Why? GO

Nelly Furtado the Fisherman and she Likes the Smell of Fish GO

Teens on the Beach about to Play Truth or Dare GO

No Panties, Short Skirt While Shopping, So Fucking Staged GO

Fleshlight Testimonials, I Like the One from the Pastor GO

This is a Fag and a Fag Hag Dancing to Paris Hilton’s Song GO

Is Anyone Famous at this Party? GO

Bansky is a Legend in Street Art, This is His New Piece GO

A Little Lohan Cleavage of the Day GO

Vice does a daily Do or Don’t and They Aren’t Funny GO

Some Pics from Some Miss Naked Competition GO

Family Vacation Montage of the Day GO

Matthew McConaughey Fucking Himself GO

What the hell is a Merf? Watch the Video and Tell Me. GO

Bikini Fashion Show Pictures Are Always Hot GO

Evisu is Shit, Overpriced and Lame, See Their Party GO

Daily Porn Dump that you will Love GO

Paula Abdul Has Fucked Up Tits GO

Support this Site and Get Laid GO

Add Me To Myspace Now Go

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