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I am – Pink Taking a Pee of the Day

I have no fucking idea what these pictures are all about. They are supposed to be Pink taking a Piss. She’s got the tattoos so I guess it’s her. I always have a hard time pointing out Pink, because she’s fucking disgusting and I usually try to block that shit out of my head, like a molested girl blocks out being molested. I have been fighting over a cease and desist for the last 2 hours because photo agencies don’t like when you use their pictures without paying for them. Even though they are all over the fucking internet before my lazy ass gets to them. I am always surprised when I get these, because my site is a piece of shit, and I have no fucking money to pay them if I lost, and more importantly, I have 500 fucking readers. If I was the photo agency, I’d run after the bigger sites run by Jews who actually know how to make money with a blog. Either way, here’s Pink livin’ up to her trashy raving past….Whoever has the rights to this photo feel free to email me demanding I take them down. Seems to be the thing to do. Cuddles.

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