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I am – Penny Lancaster See Through Shirt of the Day


Penny Lancaster is Rod Stewarts Baby Momma. She’s just another tall blonde model who the little guy’s got with and impregnated over the course of his lifetime and there’s really nothing wrong with having a specific type of woman, especially when you’re a superstar rockstar supernova. Just because my specific type is anything with a vagina, or anything with a flesh wound that looks like and can double as a vagina doesn’t mean I am right.

Speaking of flesh wounds, here’s an update from Little Princess. For those of you who care. She is the girl all of you seem to hate and I don’t really blame you for hating her. I had no real opinion of her since I didn’t read her useless article, but I do get her emails 4 times a day, and they are starting to make hate her because they go on and on and on about nothing. I am not a fucking psychiatrist and I can’t help you through this fucking issue that is driving you to shove bottles in your bloody unemployed cunt. Anyway, she wants to send in more pics and write another post. I will probably let her because she makes me look better. Posting her shit is like a deuce who only hangs with 300 pounders to make herself look better. I like when you motherfuckers show me appreciation and puttng my shit up against worse shit makes my shit look golden. Point of the story is, I am easily bought with nude pics, even if you’re ugly, fat, scary or retarded. So here’s her email update.

From what i gather from this onslaught of hate mail and verbal historectomy

a. i should not refer to them as readers because they cannot really read
b. i am an ugly cunt who should sterilize and kill herself (which i agree with but not the ugly part, but i agree those are ugly photos of myself but they’re from three years ago and in person im a beautiful flower of a woman, but yea i should sterilize and kill myself)
c. i should learn how to write.
d. im not funny.
e. you should have cancer.
f. i managed to get a bigger reaction than a lot of things, and im really glad it was hateful, i like hate mail more than anything, it means people CARE.
g. i swear too much. (fuck that im not changing it, i like having the vocabulary of a 6 year old plus swears)

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