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I am – Kate Hudson Bikini Pics of the Day


If I had a life, I’d probably have a lot of shit to talk about. The flipside to that is that if I had a life, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it on this site, because I would be too busy living it. So to the 2 of you who read this, consider yourself lucky that I am too lazy to be livin’ and instead sit here writing about nothing of relevance, like how I went out to the store today to get an old hard drive, I’m talking 5 years old, fixed. The cheap Asian man at the store told me it would be 10 dollars to see if it works, I went for it because I stole a 20 spot from my fat wife, who’s disability check came in last friday. We found her passed out on the floor last night or covered in chocolate from eating my stepdaughter’s chocolates. If you’re wondering what I mean, my fucking whore of a wife snuck into my stepdaughter’s room, god knows how she managed to walk the 10 feet without dying, but yeah bitch ate all of the chocolate that her daughter is selling to raise money for her high school graduation this June. Those things are 4 dollars a bar and my wife ate about 20 of them last night when we were all sleeping. There was a huge fight at 8 am this morning when she was found and I tried to sleep through it. That’s not the point, the point is that I went to this asian dude who charged me 10 dolalrs to check my hardrive, and tried to sell me a case for it 43 dollars, I tried negotiating….I am going to stop this story now because it fucking sucks and this is what I am talking about when I say I have no life. I don’t do anything so I try to write about the bullshit that I do end up doing here and it sucks….Speaking of sucks, check out the Kate Hudson pics, I remember falling in love with her when she was 16 and featured in some homestyle magazine with her mom. The love has dwindled with the the tightness of her vagina after having a baby. Year after year the aperture becomes less and less, however, you gotta give her props for still having a tight body and a friend with a retardedly big belly button.

Her Friend’s Belly Button and Hot Ass

Bonus – Bitch Running From a Club Almost Showin’ Her Ass that Looks Like It’s Being Grabbed

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