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I am – American Music Award Post of the Day


I would have done a liveblog at the AMAs, but I had no idea they were on. I ended up having a pretty hurtin’ hangover by 8 pm after drinking all day yesterday and passed out on the couch. So I didn’t get the chance to watch the show and I am sure I didn’t miss shit, because the AMA’s are a shit, so I guess that technically means I did miss shit….

Speaking of shit…I woke up on the couch to Nelly Fertado Dancing on Clouds with a bunch of black people dressed in white showing off her “I just gave birth and I am a fisherman’s daughter ass”. I thought I had died in my sleep and woke up in hell. She was caressing herself and it would have turned me on if she didn’t look like a man. I passed back out when Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter hit the stage. His daughter is not legal and either is his hair.

Speaking of giving birth, I remember one Christmas when I was a teenager and I got my GF an IUD so that she’d let me bang her. It ended up doing the opposite, she got mad and she fucked off with my best friend who only had one testicle and let him take her cherry. That was my one chance to get a virgin and I fucked it up. So when christmas shopping for your woman this year, don’t get her the Birth Control Shot…but consider getting her the morning after pill, cuz it’s trendy now.

Here are some AMA Pics…

Wearing soemthing to practically cover-up her GUNT.

Lookin’ Anorexic

Lookin’ African.

Lookin’ Beat Up and Like She’s Had 2 Kids…

Lookin’ Good.

Looking Old and Haggard

Lookin’ Fat

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