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I am – Denise Richards Vagina Picture of the Day


Post pregnancy pictures are really fucking amazing. I remember asking a dirty piece of shit hipster who had a kid for before and after pictures of her box, then her bi-sexual boyfriend tried to cause shit with me. I remember when I was in a serious relationship before this whole marrying a fat chick phase of my life and she got pregnant. It was the closest time I came to being a father. We had some pretty important life talks about whether to keep the baby or not, then when we decided to keep the baby, we both decided to clean up our acts and stop the drinking and drugs. I got a job and found us a great new place to live. We decorated the nursery and decided we were going to finally be normal. I remember thinking how badly I wanted her to get a C-section to keep the goods in-tact, but she ended up getting in a car accident, losing the baby and leaving me for the lawyer that represented her case….That’s when a shattered me turned to drugs….Kinda like Denise Richards in these pics.

I don’t even thing she’s doing bumps and if she is, good for her, when I was an addict I couldn’t afford blow and would have died to have a lifestyle that allowed me to rip lines in paradise with the one I love. I guess all there is to say about these pics is that this bitch has made it.

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