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I am – Sarah Michelle Gellar Lonely Hot Tub Party of the Day


I am not really down on the website at all, I am just tired of seeing the same fucking thing on websites and trying to be the first motherfucker to post the shit on the internet. It’s tedious and I am not really into being first on anything, I am more into sleeping. That said, I passed out yesterday night at nine, that usually doesn’t happen, I think it had something to do with the bottle of wine I drank to kill the hangover. I dreamt about at least 10 really amazing concepts to write about, you know stories that I remembered and shit that happened that I haven’t written about, but now I have forgotten them, because that’s what sleeping does. People say you should sleep with a notebook by your bed, but I am not really into beds, my wife takes up the whole fucking thing, and sleeping on the floor reminds me of when I used to sleep on park benches….I like to call those the good years….

Speaking of Good years, here’s some pics of Sarah Michelle Geller at some hot tub party solo, I guess that’s what happens when you let yourself go, no motherfucker wants to soak in a tub with your tubby ass. I’d still do it, but that’s because I never get to rock the hot tub and ever since I saw that viral video of some slut shitting herself in the hot tub, I wanted to do it too. I feel like a kid who just watched jackass and is trying to light his motherfucking self on fire while stapling his balls to the table…that’s the end of this post.

Bonus – Here is Sarah Michelle Gellar Blowing A Kiss Goodbye to Her Sex Appeal

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