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I am – Princess Madeleine Bikini Pics of the Day


I have always considered myself to be one of the classier perverts that I know because I don’t actually act on some of the shit I talk about, because I am impotent. I’ll stick with the classy act though because it makes me feel a little better about myself, a rags to riches story like Kelly Pickler in American Idol but without the riches part because I can’t a pot to shit in, hell, I can’t even afford the food it takes to lead to the shit that would end up in the pot I can’t afford, but I am still classy, or at least as classy as a guy in a empty bag of potato chip filled 1 bedroom apartment on a plywood couch can be.

Point of this is to say that I am not classy enough to seduce the cunt of this hot Swedish Princess who I think could be heir to the throne but since I’ve never heard of her, so you can show her how much you care by throwing her in the back of your van and hold her for ransom, it’ll be like this was one of them hollywood pictures, I’ll just keep sitting on my plywood couch lookin’ at her pics because it’s a little more up my alley as far as effort and planning goes….

Is it illegal to say you want to kidnap someone, even if it’s just a joke? I have a feeling it is and I will let you know…but that doesn’t change the fact that this chick’s got a pretty dumpy ass…you think she could get off her royal ass and hit the royal gym…

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