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I am – Kim Kardashian Sex Tape of the Day


So it finally dropped and one of you sent it my way. I would do a film review for you, but figured it’d be easier to talk about it after you’ve seen it. So I am posting pretty much the whole thing here for you right now.

I am more impressed with the size of Ray J’s cock than Kim Kardashian’s Paris impersonation, but I guess all semi famous rich pussy is worth a round…She’s living large, probably the reason she needs big dick and she’s not using condoms, probably the reason she’s had 10 abortions. She’s pretty much doin’ what she’s supposed to be doing and not letting her massive tits go to waste…

The celebrity sex tape novelty is getting dull and I really only watched it all in fast forward because I am not into nature channel porn. That wasn’t meant to be as racist as it sounded but I am not about to censor myself to satisfy my 2 black readers.

I admit that I have never banged a black girl and maybe if I had, I’d have a different opinion, but the opportunity never came up and my penis would be way to small to satisfy her black vagina needs.

I know Kim Kardashian sucks dick, and now you have the proof. This shit is totally staged and I can’t believe she’s got so little self-respect that she’d basically film a porn…there’s no difference between her and the stripper who turns tricks at my favorite strip club in the back room for $50, if you give her $25 more she let’s you take pics. One day when I get to the top, I’ll hire her and prove it to you…

I remain the best blog that isn’t read on the internet of all time. Cuddles…

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