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I am – Courtney Love Bikini Pics of the Day


I wasn’t going to bother posting these because I figured they were older and hat you had your taste of Courtney Love in a bikini last week, but figured why the fuck not.

Everyone likes to dis her for killing her husband for fame, being a drug addict and a bad mother, being fat and then skinny and looking like a trainwreck in a bikini with a nasty flappy fucking weird looking stomach but at least she’s got camel toe.

Point is that my wife can’t even support her own weight for more than 15 minutes without falling and I would love it for her to start doing drugs, start exercising, start starving herself, or anything to make her look more like Courtney Love.

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t slam something that looks as wrecked as this, the shit growing out of her stomach is pretty fucking gross, but ideal worlds don’t exist for me and I have no standards….

That said, Courtney Love is hotter than my wife so stop making fun of her. Asshole.

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