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I am – Jessica Biel is a Total Dyke of the Day


Here are pictures of Jessica Biel going to church to try and figure shit out, I am pretty sure she’s making sure god loves her before actually announcing to the world that she eats pussy, even though her broad shoulders and pantsuit are pretty much doing the job for her. I know fags and all the fags I know did some serious soul searching before declaring they were faggot. Some joined the church, some went to therapy, while others sucked dick in the bathroom at a gay bar. Whether they chose to come out, decided it was a phase, or bottled that shit up, they still did it wearing women’s panties. So we know that Biel is halfway there.

I was at a party this weekend where 2 girls were dyking out in the dark corner. I was convinced that it would lead to some public finger banging, so I started watching. I was next to a hot chick who was doing the same, but for some reason, when they noticed they had an audience of two, they singled me out as the pervert, got up and invited the girl who was staring at them with me to an after party, before spitting in my face. Life’s not fair, except if you’re a lesbian. That’s the story I learned.

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