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I am – Makin’ Some Guys Girlfriend Famous of the Day


Sometimes I get email that is actually worth reading because it has semi nude pics of people’s girlfriends asking me to make them famous. I haven’t got one of these in a long time so I figured I should post it.

Jesus my man. I’ve been reading your site everyday for months. I love this shit. Anyway, my girl just decided she wants to start doing porn and I told her there is only one guy you should send your pics to for an honest opinion…the drunken stepfather!! put these pics up if you see fit. her stage name is ryder skye. she’s on myspace too. your the king man….keep doing what your doing!

bob screamer

The lesson learned is that all you have to do to get a post on this site is tell me that you love my shit. I am sure that this motherfucker is writing into every fucking site he can find because he wants to use her porn money on a vacation or to buy himself a new widescreen TV by using the whole “I am cool with you showing the world your cunt, just hook me up with gifts” line.

The other lesson learned is that the second a girl gets fake tits, she becomes a whole new breast-beast wearing low-cut shirts, flashing and asking everyone she knows to feel her new tits, it’s like her whole personality shifts to her tits and some of them decide to show the world what 5,000 dollars saved from a job as a grocery store cashier can do to you by starting a porn site or stripping.

Either way, here are the pics, leave your comments for this dude, and support her porn venture so that “bob screamer” can get himself that motorbike he always wanted. I am always supportive of a girl trying to get ahead in life by taking off her clothes cuz I like naked chicks.

I just made you famous, bitch.

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