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I am – Jessica Biel’s Ass Walks Her Dog of the Day


Dog is a man’s best friend which is pretty appropriate because Jessica Biel has broader shoulders than a football player and probably has a dick, but since she’s in a dress and has tits, I consider her a chick for now.

I have this theory that dogs get to have all the fucking fun, I’m talking from panty sniffing to voyeurism, and if my insane friend from the park is right, and reincarnation exists, it’s a pretty good thing to be, especially if your master is a celebrity who buys you all kind of luxury items like the best damn bone in the city and spends their nights doing blow and fucking like champions while I watch. The only problem is that my friend in the park doesn’t only believe in reincarnation, but also that he can tap into his past life and runs around the park on all fours, barking at the bitches sun tanning, and shitting in the middle of the field, so either he’s a clairvoyant or dude should be institutionalized.

These pics of Jessica Biel look familiar, but I went through my archives and seems like they are new, or that I never posted, which is possible cuz I suck at blogging…but when her ass is stickin’ out like that, who cares when they were taken just be happy that they were taken….

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