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I am – Ashley Olsen’s See Through Skirt of the Day


Here are pictures of Ashley Olsen the other day wearing a see-through dress.

I know these Olsen bitches are considered to be fashion icons. A few years ago when the mainstream rich kids were making the move from designer Italian jean companies to things like “i pay for hair product that makes me look like I don’t wash instead of just not washing”, thrift stores, over-sized glasses and Jewish outfits of the day, trying their best to look busted up and dirty even though they lived in million dollar homes with their parents who drive luxury cars and went to private schools and had allowances and access to the credit card to buy anything they want but chose to buy ratty pieces of shit. Well, I blame the Olsen’s for that.

I guess it’s always been around, you know the whole rich kid trying to pretend he’s not rich by lookin’ poor or the thug from the ghetto jackin’ himself in gold and diamonds and driving luxury cars to look rich. People just aren’t happy being what they are born into. Well I will say that if I was born into a rich house, I’d be wearing Yacht Club and Country Club clothes every fucking day. I am tired of smelling my own ass while typing up posts.

On a side note, I hope this style hits it big so that I can make creepy faces at girls wearing them, it’s kinda what I do, maybe it’s my way of rebelling against being married.

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