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I am – Science of Love Nipple Slip of the Day


So there was a show that aired yesterday on NBC called the Science of Love and it is a pretty simple concept:

An elibigle bachelor dates two separate women – one chosen by experts based on his biological and psychological makeup, and the other chosen by him based on raw attraction. Which woman will win his heart? Find out in this unique original hour-long special hosted by Mark Consuelos. Music provided by: Novillero, Spider Problem, Flyleaf, Tele.

I didn’t watch it because I don’t have a TV, it broke last week and when I did have a TV I only got one channel that wasn’t NBC. I am lucky enough to have a reader named CRAZY who felt obligated to send in this nippleslip to me and since CRAZY went to all that effort for me, I had no choice but to do a post for him. I am trying to encourage all you fuckers to give me hot leads because I am tired of having all the same fucking pictures as every other blog out there. So be a little more like my reader named CRAZY.

I have been trying to come up with reality TV show ideas that I could try to sell and make my mark on the world, but all I have come up with is making a poor desperate man who hates his life live his dream life in an all expense paid villa with unlimited booze, viagra and hookers under the age of 25. I have a feeling it won’t sell.

I could never come up with this kind of love match bullshit that middle age wives are into because I find the whole thing bullshit. We all know that people marry out of convenience and that there is no such thing as real love, it’s more a combination of lust and fear of being alone. Maybe I am just saying that and don’t actually believe it, but if all the bitches who eat this shit up were really in love, I doubt they’d be sitting at home watching it. I may be called a porn site and there may be porn sites out there that cater to men jerking off, but what you don’t realize is that this kinda shit is smut for older ladies, it’s their kind of porno and since it’s more socially accepted, has less nudity and everything sexual is implied and not made obvious it’s making assholes out there rich while I sit here getting typecast in my filthy shitbox I call home. That said, at least the editors are letting nipple slips make it to Air, because at least now we can finally say shows like this have done something good for us rather than make our wives want new cock and point out all our imperfections because we are too embarrassed to take them horseback riding or some shit. In my case, I am not romantic for the sake of the horse, but you fuckers have no excuse.

I’d like to thank CRAZY for making this post possible with his 16 inch TV and his digital camera. I guess being CRAZY isn’t so bad.

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