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I am – Geri Halliwell's See Through Outfit of the Day


Ginger Spice is a little washed up. I think that she was even washed up when she started in the Spice Girls many years ago after being a stripper and amateur nude model so I guess this attempt at being sexy is expected from a girl who’s tits brought her to the top. She also just had a kid and as Britney Spears proves everyday, having a kid means months of being sprawled out on the doctor’s table for everyone to examine your box. It also means months of pulling your tit out where ever you are to make your baby stop crying. So when you have a kid, you usually forget what your lady parts were made for, well maybe that is what they are made for, but to every dude out there, they are made for other things like not having babies and only being sucked by them for the 15 minutes they last. That said, I guess a lot of pregnant chicks and post pregnant chicks never fully bounce back to where they were before their bodies were ravaged, so the day they look in the mirror and think to themselves that they’ve got it back, they want the world to know it and dress like this.

I am not really complaining, I am just too distracted by her clown hair, I feel like I am watching some new age kids show and I’m just waiting for bitch to start juggling.

But celebrities in bras are celebrities in bras and it’s my job to post them so here’s a little more Ginger Spice than we’ve seen in a long time and I guess that’s a good thing to some of you.

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