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I am – Adriana Volpe Topless of the Day

Adriana Volpe

You can’t fuck with a chick like Adriana Volpe when it comes to looks. Most guys would never even approach her because they know they don’t have a chance, and I definitely know that your virgin ass would spooge inside your pants if she so much as asked you where the restroom is at a restaurant.

Sometimes I’m at the bar and these guys will come up to me who just have no fucking chance, like I am so out of their legue I don’t even understand how they figure it can happen. And like I’m no snob either, and I’m open to different types of guys and don’t always go for the traditional hotties. But at the same time I’m not about to go for the unshowered-dirty shirt-no social skills type of guy (ie: you) either.

Guys need to take a cue sometimes and really assess whether they think they have a chance with chicks before just diving in, it would save both sexes a lot of time and embarrassment. I was talking with my friend on Saturday night while we were out at the bar and saw this bartender who I definitely would have liked to take home let him ravage me. I wouldn’t go up and talk to him though, and I had to explain to my friend that I never go up and talk to a guy if I’m not confident he will sleep with me, because, as I’m sure you know, dealing with rejection sucks. But for real, I basically figure out the odds of whether it will happen, and weigh them against how I bad I want to cock, and go from there. That night the odds weren’t in my favor and the house one.

Anyways, Women like Adriana Volpe are the reason women like Tara Reid pay money to get their bodie’s fucked up by cosmetic surgeons. Suckers!

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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