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I am – Claire Danes is Boring and So Is Her Nipple of the Day

Claire Danes

Claire Danes is about as boring as it gets for celebrities and and to me, so is her nipple. Granted she’s an alright looking gal, but when it comes down to it, she is just not interesting, and neither are her movies. I though she was gone for good, cause she disappeared for awhile, but I guess she has a new movie out for something, because I see her everywhere, trying to get us all to like her again.

There’s a girl like Claire Danes in every highschool. People like her and say they say hi to her etc. No one has anything against her, she just is not fun all. No one invites her to parties either, because while the rest of the girls are getting naked in the pool and making out with each other, Claire just sits in the corning and talks to a few people quietly and leave after she feels awkward.

So here’s Claire Danes and her boring nipple. If her nipple could talk I bet it would be on a fun celebrities tit and not Claires. That nipple has something to prove. It’s trying to break free, I’m telling you. Which celebrity nipple would YOU like you like to be for a day?

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