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I am – There’s No Way Kate Hudson Could Lead Anyone to Suicide of the Day


I saw a girl drop the “just because I am blond doesn’t mean I am stupid” line at the local coffee shop and I wanted to throw-up on her because that fucking shit is retardedly played out and has probably been dropped more than her disgusting whore panties because let’s face it Blonds are sluts….at least that’s the rumor.

Speaking of Blonds being sluts, there is no way that this bitch has anything to do with Owen Wilson killing himself and failing miserably making him look like that pussy in your class who was crying for attention and this was the cool Goth way to get it.

Trying to kill yourself over Kate Hudson is like killing yourself over the ugly girl you went to high school with and never spoke to except on the day you realized her mom was a hot slut who liked to wear skimpy bikinis leading to you talking to her and getting yourself invited over until until you got caught peeping on the mom changing one summer afternoon….

What I am getting at is that this bitch isn’t worth shit, she’s already used up and has a kid, she’s got nothing good going for her and ending up with that dude Dax from Punk’d is pretty much a relationship I can respect because he’s such a waste of fucking space too.

I just realized that he could have tried to kill himself because of regret that he actually stuck it to her..you know like when you fuck a bitch that makes you question your sexuality and you don’t want to go on living life as a queer….I didn’t think of it like that because I am Mr Positive today, but I am still convinced Owen Wilson did what he did because cocaine makes you fucking crazy. I know kids who have turned bisexual on it, I know people who have tried to jump off buildings on it, nothing really good comes from it, except for a ton of blowjobs when you have it cuz bitches do anything for the stuff….

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