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I am – Britney Spears Comeback Performance of the Day

I’ve been telling people for a long time that this whole Britney Spears thing has been some kind of obscure PR act in efforts to stay in the limelight while getting her shit together before releasing her new album. I really thought that she was preparing to hit big again for a long time but had to get the pregnancy weight off and sort her shit out with her loser husband before really focusing on the comeback. I was convinced that in effort to sell records in future, she was going to play the wreck everyone wanted her to be, because it got her in magazines and on TV and on every fucking website out there.

I didn’t realize she really was a wreck. I think it’s safe to say, that I was fucking wrong. This bitch is a bigger mess than my wife’s panties, and you may not know how big of a mess that is, I think I’ll let you take my word on it. I thought she was going to come through the first place she probably the shouldn’t have been a mess because it was so anticipated. Maybe it is part of her plan and maybe I am wrong and maybe there is still hope but her skill is a fucking joke and I am no judge of dancing ability or lip syncing ability but I can tell you that she was lazy, seemed like she was jacked on some kind of drugs, bloated and reminded me of every fat chick I’ve ever banged, except the fat chicks always managed to make me cum in the end.

Watching a girls career go down the toilet has been pretty depressing, it’s like watching your favorite whore who loved licking your asshole contract HIV and everytime you’d get her discounted ass licking AIDS rate, you’d slowly see her fade away but on the positive side it probably makes her a lot more accessible because no one is going to want to touch her and that gives us all hope that one day we can knock her up like we were K-Fed, because disgusting or not, fucking her is a good business opportunity.

Either way, here are the pictures of her performance and if you don’t think this post is funny, realize it isn’t supposed to be, it’s my own kind of useless eulogy to a hot popstar that once was…..and despite fighting in her corner for the last little while, I have to accept the fact that she’s over…..the next time I want to watch some fat mom out of breath mouthing words, I’ll just stick to watching the mother/baby aquarobics class at my local Y through the back alley window until they call the cops on me again …because those mom’s at least have the decency to cover up their gunt….

Let’s hope the rest of the day brings more happiness, and in the meantime, enjoy the pics because she is half naked and in fishnets, and she’s laughing because even she realizes that this shit’s over and that it’s all some depressing joke that she’s just milking with her shitty retard-highschool talent show performance that was hot when she was 17 and not so much when she’s crazy…but I’d know you’d all still do her….and that’s the reason why I am here…to remind you that no matter how fucking wrecked bitch is, you’re still never going to taste the cheesy flavor dripping out of her twat. Cuddles.

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