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I am – Britney Spears Cleavage Pics of the Day


I am not that interested in Britney Spears, because I am convinced this bitch is doing all this for record sales. I am talking her custody battle, her head shaving and all that vagina slipping.

I am pretty interested in the 2 ambulance drivers who were in line for coffee in front of me, not cuz I am a fag but because they were. They were both flaming queers and I didn’t realize that flaming queers do much more than being ridiculously fabulous at their cocaine sex parties. I was a little confused how they ended up in this line of work, I figured that maybe it was the hope of saving other fags from drug overdoses on the night shift, or maybe the fact that they get to see lots of men half naked, or at least they can get men naked when they are trying to save their lives. I was also confused as to how they both ended up on the same shift, because if I was a boss, I’d never let the queers work that closely together unsupervised because within the first few minutes they’d be sucking each other off….but then I realized that maybe all the downtime of waiting for old people die is a great gig to have if you can work with someone who will suck you off.

Speaking of fags, here’s some Britney cleavage pics because I’d totally fuck her tits up the ass.

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