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I am – Fergie Sex Tape of the Day

I am calling fake on this one. There are so many tight bodied party sluts with haggard faces. Half of the strippers in this city look like Fergie and dress like her too. I am not sure what came first the Fergie or the Fergie outfit, because I wouldn’t be surprised if these bitches sat around analyzing her videos and copying her game because she’s an idol of theirs, like one of their own who actually made it in the world and doesn’t have to do 10 dollar lap dances anymore to pay for her cocaine and that’s inspiring to whores everywhere.

Either way, watch the video

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6 Responses

  1. ewzr98w says:

    shit fake is it no fergie

  2. Joey says:

    NOT her, she’s got bigger tits for a start!!!!

  3. blabla says:

    olha só!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jhonatan says:

    bando de gostosa

  5. riquelme says:

    rapariga gostosa do karai mano!!1

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