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Some AVN Pictures Emailed to Me of the Day

A pervert amongst perverts is not really a pervert – they are just considered normal….so maybe a virgin loser amongst virgin losers are not really virgin losers, which is good news for you, now all you got to do it find some like-minded people.

The porn awards and expo is a place for the freaks who chronically masturbate and who obsess over their favorite porn sluts to finally meet these trashy half naked bitches. So they show up with cataloged pictures of all their favorite porn sluts and wait in line for hours to get their autograph, which is really not that bad, considering the amount of times they’ve cum inside the rubber vagina molded to these girls. The line-ups are really secondary to the happiness meeting the girl you think you’re already married to, because of all the times you’ve jerked off to them when no one else was there for you.

Either way, my whole theory on this shit is that some dude who runs the industry started the awards to make the porn girls feel like what they do is a legitimate line of work, to give them recognition and to make them feel like they are good at what they do and that it matters because finding girls who love sucking cock and taking it up the ass on camera isn’t the easiest thing to do when girls think it’s the equivalent of being a whore and no one really wants to be a whore. But the second you put the stamp of approval on this shit, everything changes and all of a sudden everything becomes okay and accepted.

One of my readers felt bad about me not getting to go to the awards or the EXPO so he sent in his pictures for me to post. Thanks for the goodtimes pervert, I hope meeting your fantasy girlfriend was all you hoped it was.

On a side-note, I know nothing about porn or pornstars even though I am considered a NSFW porn site, so I couldn’t tell you who is who in these pictures if I tried, but I am sure you can fill us all in….

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