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Serena Williams Lookin’ Hot in a Bikini of the Day

I’d say that these are pictures of Kim Kardashian in a bikini because I like bad jokes, but I don’t want to lie to you guys for the sake of a bad joke. The truth is that this bitch is the complete opposite of Kim Kardashian because she’s actually an athlete, while Kardashian just sits around and eats all day. Sure, she looks fatter than the widow who spends her days at Dunkin Donuts since her husband died since she doesn’t know what to do with herself but eat because he was her life, but the truth is that she’s some kind of champion.

I am guessing that she’s bulky as fuck because of extreme muscles, like this old body builder I drink with who did his fair share of steroids but now looks like Oprah, but all I see when I look at her is some kind of pro wrestler and not a dainty little tennis player and that’s probably why she always wins, it’s like going up against a tank and usually tanks are hard to take out.

I am convinced that she’s one of those Ladybug situations, where a dude dresses like a girl and cleans up because guys are better than girls at sports, but I guess no matter what she is she’s disgusting and here she is in a bikini…..

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  1. Chris says:

    Didn’t you mean to say “looking NOT hot”?

  2. stupid*people*should*die says:

    man oh man

  3. me says:

    I know this chick look like a dude, if it was not for the boobs i’d she she’s a ugly european male with a speedo on…lol

  4. CAP says:

    Did you actually say “Serena Williams Lookin’ Hot”???
    Are you legally blind???

    She looks like a Silverback playing in the water at the zoo.

  5. Amanda says:

    I saw Ladybugs in the movie theater when I was in middle school. Best. Movie. Ever. Jonathan Brandis was the first guy to make me get all tingly…down there. Such a shame he off’ed himself.

  6. Billdozer says:

    “I’d like a vanilla cone with chocolate dip”
    “nuts?” Thats still undertermined….

  7. Billdozer says:

    these pictures make me sick!

  8. mee says:

    seriously thank you jesus for posting this pictures.. i was about to go on a sugar binge after my workout but this just took my appetite away for any kind of food/drink, for at least 10 days wohooo

  9. XPEKMACK says:

    Just as I suspected and expected. Comments and views from a clan of stinkin’ skins that smell like dogs and enjoy the boyish curves of women.

  10. Ari says:

    She looks like a football player with tits.

  11. Speedmonkey says:

    what’s wrong with you losers…bitch is hot. look at that ass!! you wouldn’t take that train to happy town?

  12. Daniel Carver says:

    She’s the new spokesperson for Ben & Jerry’s most popular flavor of ice cream, Chunky Monkey.

  13. kiacato says:

    she looks good BBW we all look tight and right

  14. kiacato says:

    @at all she looks better than all those boney white girls i love you serena phat ass not flat ass.

  15. prezident Hillary Clinton says:

    Hell yeah!!!! Which footballer you know has natural boobs and hips like that? I bet she has nice pussy muscles too. Fuck the haters!

  16. channing says:

    lil dcks can’t handle all that, stay on the porch lil dogs, let a real man get with dat azz. She is fine as hell, dumb ass lil no dick no ass havin white dudes and hoes can’t appreciate thunder.

  17. hOrNyDeViL says:

    Granted, She’s no Megan Fox in a bikini. But with those huge tits and that big amazing ass, I’d hit it all night long even if she could kick my ass

  18. Ayako Ghantt says:

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  19. Junk Yard says:

    if you prefer a white woman to Serena then you better go check if you are gay! why would you leave all those curves, all that lovely butt and those huge tits to go fool around with a skinny buttless, breastless, curveless hman being if you aint gay?

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