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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jew Kiss of Death for Passover of the Day

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Here are some pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg making out with some Gossip Girl motherfucker. I figured this would upset some of you Buffy fans who still masturbate to Buffy reruns and have her pictures printed up and put into a scrapbook you keep under your bed. It’s really just a numbers game since Buffy was designed for losers and so was the Internet and since I have a website and you are reading it, then you are a loser too, possibly one whole liked Buffy.

The good news is that it’s passover and Jews aren’t allowed to eat yeast so no one will be lickin’ your favorite pussy for the next week so you can be happy that this kiss doesn’t lead to her promised land, but at the same time, realize that she’s getting paid to make out with some dude, which to me is total prostitution. I wonder what Moses would have to say about this…..

Yes, I am capable of making really bad jokes.

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