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Alicia Keys Has Some Fat Legs of the Day

Looks like Alicia Keys, who was reportedly a marathon runner has hung up her running shoes and committed herself to her piano and by piano I mean extra-large double cheese pizza. I had more respect for this girl when I thought her last name was actually Keys, thinking how crazy a coincidence it was. But it turns out that it’s just some kind of nickname thatshe gave herself that happens to be a lot more appealing than Large Fry Thighs.

I wonder if I’d be more successful if I changed my name was Jesus Useless Guy On the Internet, since it would let people know what they are singing up for, but the flow just isn’t as cool as “Keys”, but that’s not my fault, I’m not black.

I also had more respect for her before finding out she came from money and had actual music lessons and training, I was a little more accepting to her obesity when I thought she taught herself the piano playing a chalk drawing of a piano in the projects, it just makes for a better heartwarming story on Oprah.

Either way, some of you find her hot, I’m just posting these to try to drill it into you that she probably is, because carrying that load around is tough on her body and she just can’t seem to stop sweating.

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29 Responses

  1. JamalDBarr says:

    True in da vibe still, dat gal solid bey, well muddo sick.

    Much sweetness indeed.

  2. BIGNAT says:

    man ms keys been eating she got thick i love it

  3. JD says:

    She got dat ghetto booty . . . fat

  4. sally says:

    These photos are so hot. But I heard there are more celebrities’ photos at Blackwhitemeet.com and it’s free to check them. Is it true? I will register an account to have a look later.

  5. ash says:

    she was thick hottnes in smoking aces and shes been getting hotter since.anyone who says shes fat is a dumbass shes what a real woman should look like and how mot women wish they could look. man id do cartwheels in a thong through a desert of queers just to lick her ass once. then id fuck her till the wheels came off. shes just too damn sexy to be from this planet.

  6. ass says:

    Her legs put the “sauce” is ‘sausage’ (i.e. they resemble pork sausages, prior to cooking…..except the color…lolZ)

  7. Hard On says:

    I’d grab those cheeks & give them a hard fucking pimp smack every time I pounded her from behind, BUT only if she promised not to sing she always seems to sing depressing ass songs! Be happy bitch your rich w/ a juicy phat ass!

  8. fuckstik says:

    fucking worm my middle finger up her puckered little asspipe and slobber in her face breathreeking while I fuckin explode in her hairy little cunt , fuckin wonky eyed gash fuckin clean up , go home piano fuckin dumb kunt

  9. CSS says:

    She don’t look fat to me, but I think DS has been so scarred by living by his BBW wife that he now only prefers really, really skinny girls.

  10. Bob says:

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  11. dutch davi says:

    she’s the hottest entertainer period. So dont hate, congratulate.SUCKA!

  12. Valdez says:

    Anyone who thinks she’s fat is crazy. She’s good in tha hood.

  13. Screwbini says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love Alicia and her sexy thighs!!!!

  14. ATI says:

    kill yourself, faggot!

  15. Duval says:

    fat? what’s your ideal woman, keira knightley?

  16. bobthebuilder says:

    I’d totally hit it.

  17. JjSpade says:

    She’s always been that thick in the legs and waist. She was just sitting down at the piano so know one could see. Right now she perfect, I just hope she doesn’t get any thicker. Then she will be totally out of proportion.

  18. Clive says:

    Those legs are much better than the chicken legs many celebs have.

  19. WHAT? says:

    How can you say she is not fat, that girl has got to have 29 inch thighs, she is very close to being a cow. Get real, just because you can’t get a good looking thin girl does not mean the fat pigs you are getting are hot.

  20. Carlos says:

    Maybe she’s been doing squats. She still looks better than a lot of women.

  21. sama says:

    those the real love handles…!!!

  22. Tania says:

    She is not fat in any way. She is fit, she just has big legs. I think she looks healthy and strong. Not every woman wants to be an anorexic (or look like one). Leave Alicia alone. She cannot help the size of her legs. She’s still fit and looks good. Lay off, people.

  23. houroc says:

    fat? fuck outta here. I’d definitely hit it. She is just thick and healthy.

  24. figures says:

    must be a whiteboy who wrote this article. damn whiteboys cant recognize a nice body if it hit them in the face. i see absolutely nothing wrong with her. if anything she is amazing! love the thick legs.

  25. fat? says:

    anyone that calls her fat is just a plain dumb***. most guys like women with some curves, thick thighs, thick booty. keys is no where close to being fat. the girl doesnt have a gut, she thick lovely legs. no guy wants a stick figure

  26. Antoine says:

    “Alicia Keys Has Some Fat Legs of the Day”..???? What??? You know what, nobody wants to walk around looking like a skeleton or a crack-whore. You may like anorexic women whoever you are but maybe she doesn’t want to be one. .01% body fat….yea right!! Alicia keys is one of the most beautiful and most talented women of our time and I feel if you don’t have anything good to say……Hmmmm heard that before huh.

  27. It?s probally a fake story but I have to admit turning her book into a movie would be somewhat interesting.

  28. hey is everyones voice off in the mornings, cause when i wake up my air and singign is far off and not as good

  29. mr. bootylove says:

    Damn! She’s hot! I like ‘em thick like that.

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