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Alyssa Milano Hot Naked Video The Way We Like Her…of the Day

Here’s a video of Alyssa Milano Naked in some recent movie called Pathology. Her nude scene is her dead and getting cut open in some sort of autopsy and it’s pretty fucking sick but you can still see pussy. I assume that some of you are fucked up enough to find this hot as you spent most of your childhood killing your neighborhood cats and other random animals that would cross paths with you and you haven’t quite moved onto bigger things yet, because you aren’t that much of a psycho and you just leave the psychotic thoughts for your masturbation.

I was talking to my friend the other day and he told me about how he plays a game called “Would You” with his friends. It’s basically where different scenarios are laid out and you decide whether you’d d fuck the chick or not. One of the weirder ones was if you’re driving down an old dirt road in the middle of nowhere and you come across a passed out 18 year old hot girl in a mini skirt is lying on the side road like she had been hit by a car or something and you pull over to help her, do you bang her or do you call or help or do you bang her then call for help. I guess fucking a passed out chick is a lot less disgusting than fucking a dead chick, most of the chicks I’ve banged were passed out by by booze or drugs and not by getting hit by a car, so I wouldn’t do it and I’d get her help, but I bet you’re not as wholesome as me you horny fuckin’ creep.

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  1. BlackCrypt says:

    She is one I would commit the act of necrophilia with!

    Maybe I could make a remake of the “Last Dance with Mary Jane” video!

  2. Glen Quagmire says:

    Cool…a romantic movie.

  3. Candi Apples says:

    When I was 14,I woke up to some dude fingering me,while I was laying in a pool of vomit……….Foreign exchange student from Germany,who was in Canada for the summer……

    So yes,there are perv’s that take total advantage of women while they are out of it,and the Germans have no shame.lol

  4. omg says:

    Hey Candi, i am german! and your right. ;D

  5. Mim says:

    That is the sickest thing I’ve seen yet! Freaking prime time perverts!!!!! I’m only watching MTV from now on, jeez what kind of freaks run this world?

  6. Faceplant1976 says:

    Uh….. pretty sure thats all a latex dummy with her head on top…..

  7. wireman says:

    Why is it sooo dark????

  8. LOL says:

    i used to masturbate to this chick daily in my teens

  9. Bullshit says:

    Faceplant1976 is correct.

  10. Ass Rocket says:

    hmm…Would one brag afterwards that they Banged Alyssa to friends and family or just keep quiet?

  11. mr-plow says:

    i wood have candi fluff me up and pay some pipe up in Sam Macelli

  12. eagerly waiting says:

    I can’t see any video. Where is it?

  13. Ho Fo SHo says:

    See how her head is at that weird angle? Its becuz thats a fake body and she’s underneath the table. Hollywood magic.

  14. Predator_J says:

    Yup its rubber….. BUT many movies that use dummies (read Face/Off and a few others i can’t think off at the moment) use life casts of the actor/ess its based on. And since anyone who’s seen “Embrace of the Vampire” can recognize her tits (which they are) I would say they used a life cast…. so until the dummy gets up and starts playing with herself…thats as close as your gonna get to the real thing.

  15. Predator_J says:

    Also, at the begining of the cutting part, you can tell its CGI, same with the stitching…now ask yourself why they would use CGI, if they had a dummy? Probable answer…. It’s her for everything but the pulling open rib-cage part (which is also the best crotch shot, so your out of luck)… so the first bit and last bit of her on the table is probably really her….since they couldn’t rip her chest open for the bit in the middle…lol

  16. cunty cuntall says:

    Hey Mr. LOL Says, I still do and I’m 44 !!

  17. Jo Jo Binky says:

    Deads boring, i like my women dying!

    mind you, dead girls dont say no, but if women would just say yes all the time, there’d be no rape!

  18. Malum says:

    That was hot. Best part was when he was gutting her like a pig. Though I am disappointed he didn’t stick it in her.

  19. Bill says:

    Pretty sad that of all the Charmed alumni she still has to relagate herself to this to get attention. I notice we don’t Rose McGowan being gutted like a pig. Hey Alyssa note to self stop taking career advice from your Mom.

  20. Nate says:

    Yeesh – from co-producing Charmed down to Veet depilatory commercials (with her ugly leg tats covered over) to designing MLB groupie outfits. Boy, this little ginzo’ll do anything for a shekel. Must be tough paying the mortgage on her FLA Mansion That Silicone Built.

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