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Marla Maples is Miss America in a Bikini of the Day

Marla Maples has been doing that “Look at me everyone I’m in a bikini” cry for attention the last couple of weeks now. I guess she figures that if she hires photographers and gets in a bikini and poses with random things in hopes of getting attention, eventually she will land on a tabloid as the hottest bikini body above 40 or some shit.

Today is the Miss America edition for July 4th, and I hear that if this song and dance doesn’t work, her next photoshoot includes midgets, clowns and fireworks and if that one doesn’t get her the attention she thinks she deserves, things are going to get messy and she’s going to start taking hostages at gun point in the local bank with a list of fuckin’ demands, the top being to get her pictures in People Magazine.

I assume all this is to get back at Donald Trump and make him regret that he left her for a younger hotter immigrant gold digger and since she’s a little too old to get back at dude by competing and winning his next Miss America pageant, she’ll go about it her own way, because revenge is bittersweet, at least that’s what I hear.

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