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Anna Kournikova in Some Bikini Photoshoot Outtakes of the Day

Anna Kournikova put professional tennis on the map for me, because before her, I didn’t think girls played sports. Sure there was figure skating, synchronized swimming, dancing and doing the laundry, but nothing I wanted anything to do with. I mean I had accidentally seen lesbian Martina Navratilova playing once before Anna hit the scene, but she wasn’t really a good selling point for the highly sexual nature of the sport and just made me believe I was watching some kind of gender war where a man in a skirt dominated the court sent the girl on the other side of the net back to her husband to make babies because there was no place for her in sports. That was more of a fight for a cause and not as much of the erotic experience of seeing a tight bodied Russian girl whimper her way out of communism with her solid swing, panty ass flashing and grunts that were reminiscent of a girl losing her anal virginity.

Here she is, still going strong, still tight bodied, in a bikini for a magazine photoshoot.

Speaking of girls in sports – here’s the WNBA Fight everyone’s been talking about – not that girls in the WNBA are actually girls, but it’s still worth a watch.

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  1. Pete says:


  2. Pete says:

    She sucks at playing tennis,but she can probably suck a mean dick!

  3. ldy says:

    I think I ever

  4. Candi Apples says:

    Anna Kournikova is a hottie,it’s just too bad she’s engaged to the douchebag that is Enrique Iglesias.

  5. rich & celeb says:

    What about admirers???

  6. Daniel Carver says:

    Thank God it was a black dude who shoved that tall negress to the ground. Otherwise Al Sharpton would be all over this WNBA skirmish.

  7. Tommy says:

    That was the greatest night in WNBA history.

  8. kaly says:

    She is so beautiful. Her blog and photos were found at rich dating site —” !!! .Sugarbabydate . c o m ” —- last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is seeking on that site.

  9. Casey says:

    nappy headed hos for sure…probably the highest ratings the WNBA ever got

  10. kaly says:

    I lied about rich celebs on ·:*¨ .Sugarbabydate. c o m. ¨*:·.! Ever boddy knows only loosers would go that ☆☆☆website☆☆☆and only looser with no chance at life or having ever a poor frend would spend all day promoting it ♥♥♥.

  11. Sprmcandy says:

    Beautiful HOT girl, I do love Anna. Her long killer legs are incrediable.

  12. andar909 says:

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  13. Abbie Hunt says:

    Enrique Iglesias is just like his father. They all make good music.’-~

  14. Freya Harris says:

    Enrique Iglesias have inherited his father’s greatness in music.`;~

  15. Enrique Iglesias is just as good as his father when it comes to those love songs,;;

  16. Enrique Iglesias did inherit the charm of his father, he has a great singing career,.-

  17. the Iglesias family really have the talent for singing, Enrique is just one the best singers that i know ;::

  18. freya bikini says:

    She is so hot, and they make a good couple, both are intelligent and they look like good persons.

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