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Isla Fisher’s One Piece Bathing Suit of the Day

Looks like my site’s been hacked again. For some reason when people land on it they are re-directed to the Game Show Network corporate site. I don’t know what the fuck is going on but I do know that I blame some virgin with computer skills who got offended cuz i called his girlfriend a slut and by girlfriend i mean a celebrity he thinks he is dating because he watches all her DVDs over and over and has photoshopped himself in every paparazzi shot he can find of her and printed them up and put them in frames around his house.

I get really frustrated with the constant hacking, I get it, you don’t like me, you think I am offensive, I hurt your feelings and go against things you stand for and you think I deserve to be taught a lesson, but no lesson is taught, it just proves that you have better computer skills than me and it’s not going to put an end to what I do, what does put an end to what I do, is if you stop coming to the site and stop reading it, it’ll be like I don’t really exist anymore and that’s a lot cooler than your vigilante nerd shit that just causes minor headaches for my hosting company, and reminds me that the internet is still a place for fucking losers, like it was designed to be…..

What doesn’t cause headaches is Isla FIsher in a one-piece bathing suit doing gymnastics for Borat and their baby, because she knows as a new mother bouncing back into shape, it’s best to keep that stretch-marked mess of your stomach covered up….now if only she covered up that vagina when having unprotected sex with Borat, because the world didn’t need to be polluted with another Borat, there are enough of those assholes still bars and still quoting his movie when approaching girls like shit didn’t hit theaters 2 fuckin’ years ago…and to my amazement, girls still laugh at the shit and take off their panties for that shit and is just another reminder that I suck at life because I just can’t conform to that garbage.

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