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Paris Hilton’s Extensions are Showing of the Day

Ever since the sex tape came out, I knew everything Paris Hilton did was fucking half assed. I knew that anything she touched would turn out to be shit, like her movie roles, her TV show, her product lines, her club event hosting and her music career. She was just a fucking massive joke on society and for some reason society was just eating it all up because her depressing and embarrassing existance made us feel better about herself. You know, that a girl with a lazy eye could really get ahead provided she came from a prestigious family with a lot of money and a dream, all it took was turning to porn. It’s one of those motivational posters where you see a retarded kid running across the finish line or some shit, only less attractive.

The point of all this is to say that she has some half-assed extensions in her hair just after launching some line of hair extensions in hopes of making more money that she already has because extensions are more popular now than they have ever been and could mean lining her pockets and cashing in on a trend she probably thinks she started.

Now I am not business man, but when you are trying to sell stupid products, like hair you got from dying orphans in Africa and South America, you should at least rock them properly so that the rest of the world turns to themselves and talk about how nice your fuckin’ hair is and not just because it’s covering your busted face, making those who use extensions think that you’re actually wearing your own shit, so they buy it.

Showing up to a party with your extensions showing, is pretty fucking tacky, I mean I know hookers, strippers and sluts who all have extensions and I’m talking the cheap dollar store kind, and even they know how to cover shit up.

I don’t know why I just wrote this post, but I did and it’s staying…..

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