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Dita Von Teese’s Wonderbra Flim of the Day

I hate Dita Von Teese and this whole 1940’s burlesque shit. I believe that strippers need to get with the times and turn tricks on the side as they work towards a careen in internet porn, or escorting and not to be celebrated as some kind of sexy artist who gets gigs doing Wonderbra commercials, making them a lot of money while thinking they don’t have to expose their pussies, but can get away with some stupid song and dance. But figure I’ll post it anyway.

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  1. she says:

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  2. Pete says:

    Dita von Teese is so fuckin’ white. She needs to get some sun and my dick down her throat.

  3. Cornflakes says:

    That was gayer than buttsex.

  4. gloria says:

    drunken stepfather,

    this chick DID turn trix , she also did lesbian porn and dominatrix shit too
    i saw a video of her double head dildoeing a white chick

    how did u think she got this far?

    its ironic thats her whole act
    burlesqueish whore


  5. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    I would wreck DIta’s cunt. Period.

  6. Superstar says:

    I’ve have buttsex with her = she’s hot

  7. Candi Apples says:

    I seen this ad a few days ago on MTV.

    Although it does seem to set the woman’s movement back several yrs,I kinda like the throwback to the movie
    Weird Science.

    So what is Dita Von Teese’s message in this commercial?
    If women don’t have big tits,then they won’t land a man?

    Thank god I have big tit’s then,and I have no need to wear a Wonderbra.lol

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