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Ashley Scott Signs Some Girl’s Chest of the Day

I am not turning this sit into a Hollywood.tv review site and they aren’t advertisers, as it may seem, but they should be since I need money. Shit is just free to post and I don’t have to bother with the paparazzi, also, I’d rather watch the video than look at the pictures, not that you care, but one dude emailed me complaining and I figured I’d let you know what I am doing, because we’re all friends here and I think and open dialog is important.

This video is of some chick named Ashley Scott, who I don’t know, signing some girls chest, but not the good way, where you get to see nipples, but reminds me of a time I was in a bar and flirting with the bar tender and in trying to get her to show me her tits. She pointed out some Olympic Speed Skater at the other end of the bar, who obviously, I had no idea who he was or whether he was even an Olympic Athlete and I asked her to get him to sign her tit. She wasn’t really into it, so I decided to take it to the lead and get the wheels turning by making the first move, so I took the pen, walked up to the dude, who was clearly gay, and lifted up my shirt asking for an autograph. I was wasted and he did it pretty willingly, but when I asked him to do the same to my busty bar tending friend who I wanted to see topless, he said no. Pretty much making my whole plan backfire, leaving me alone and violated with a man’s signature above my nipple and no bartender tits as her respect for me slowly died with my dignity….

It’s a boring video, probably a boring story, but I am running on no sleep here so it should be good enough.

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