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Beyonce in Full Body Spanx on the Today Show of the Day

In honor of Thanksgiving, I decided to post these pictures of a turkey, or someone who will probably eat an entire turkey tomorrow, because Beyonce is the kind of girl who just doesn’t like sharing and has the ability to clear a table stocked with enough fried chicken for a couple dozen people, but in her defense, she’s never been this physical in her performances, and that probably works up a mean appetite, you know making those who used to be shocked with how much she managed to eat before, she was doin’ nothing, totally blown the fuck away when they see what she manages to stuff in her face now, and it’s got something to do with her not wanting to share the spotlight with the younger, hotter Rihanna who I know she just can’t fucking stand, even though Rihanna’s career is making Beyonce’s divorce settlement a lot more lucrative, when she finally leaves Jay Z for two timing her.

Every time I watch her do this song and dance, I laugh because of the pain I see in her eyes. It’s like watching some morbidly obese person trying to get a new lease on life and taking their fat ass to the streets to burn off some calories, or like watching my wife trying to get off the couch. There is struggle and panting as heart is begging her to stop, but Beyonce won’t listen, because if she does, it means Rihanna won.

At least she’s managed to find a full-body pair of spanx to strap her in and keep her fat from spilling out all over the fuckin’ reinforced stage, making the homeless people they kicked off their corner to throw this street performance even more pissed off, you know in a first they take their homes and now they’re rubbing how much food they’ve managed to stuff in their faces in their face, while they sitting there starving, cold in mismatched shoes waiting for it all to end..

Here are the pics.

And the videos….

Her Performing Single Ladies…

Her Obnoxious Grand Entrance and a Little Crazy in Love

Bonus Some Dude in the Crowd’s Vidoe

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49 Responses

  1. jennykilyy says:

    I heard that she appeared on a millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^^^^^ with a personal account there. Maybe you have the chance to talk to her online or meet some celebrities or rich friends there. It is amazing.

  2. Leroy says:

    That is one fat, stupid, monkey.

  3. From The Battle Field says:

    And this is what you consider fat? Wow…. I must be in an alternate universe. What exactly is skinny to you?

  4. Katrina says:

    Beyonce is anything but fat. Just because she isn’t a size one doesn’t mean she’s fat.

  5. Leroy says:

    But she is a stupid monkey you both admit.

  6. Meesh says:

    Does she not have a stylist who may vaguely look her over to see that she has MAJOR CAMEL TOE?

  7. Get serious says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant pee-yonce is. It seems like every suggestion someone makes she does; this chick has no common sense or self direction. Plus, she’s about the dullest knife in the butcher block. If someone told pee-yonce to take off her panties & bend over because it will help stop the rainforest from disappearing, she’d do it in an instant. Idiot…

  8. She SUCKS says:

    Someone needs to tell her that squatting down like that is not very ladylike. Then again, due to her being a hood child, I’m sure she doesn’t know the term ladylike…

  9. Maya says:

    She’s not fat, but her outfit sucks

  10. Lydia from Houston says:

    BEYONCE IS AN ACCOMPLISHED ARTIST…All she has ever done is work hard to achieve her dreams…..COME ON R U SERIOUS? ALL THE STUPID DAMN DRUG DEALERS IN THE WORLD, MURDERING CRIMINALS AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS CRITICIZE SOMEONE WHO MAKES MUSIC? I am 40ish and I am proud of this young lady. I really wish you folks would get a life, volunteer, donate to charity, learn to read….because this is as NENE says RI DICULOUS!

  11. Alabama Chapstick says:

    FAT ASS@@…

    Really girl you are a thick and stinky mess of a woman in those tights pulled up your seeping puss crack, you and you AND YOUR SISTER HAVE THE WORST CLOTHING. Really I have seen hookers in Romania with better fashion sense.

  12. Alabama Chapstick says:

    oh AND BYE-ONCE,

    These hookers in Romania, they haven’t had your hairsyle since 1986.
    WAKE UP And douche for once…your punnani smells like fish and thai sticky rice

  13. Mandashell says:

    You are some racist ignorant losers!! Who must have no lives so you get off by coming on some hate blog spreading your hate about someone who doesn’t even know you exist!! I am LMFAO @ you bitches!! Beyonce is in no way shape or form FAT and has more talent in her left tata than Rhianna will ever have and you retard known as the drunken stepfather you are a useless racist piece of garbage and should be slapped because you are harboring and supporting such an ignorant mind set. And as far as morbidly obese bitch please all that food shit you are talking should be directed more towards a woman that looks like Aretha Franklin NOT beyonce!

  14. myeager says:

    omg she is so disgusting! what made her think that outfit looked good!? I can smell her cooch smell from here!

  15. Dale Chalfont says:

    @ lydia, young lady, being a woman does not make someone a lady, she is a fat obnoxious diva bitch married to a drug dealer that song she sing’s ‘if i was a boy’ is about how she wishes she didn’t get that botched sex change job to be a ‘female’ all those years ago

  16. mama13 says:

    uhm I cant even see the camel toe. and for all you bitches calling her fat, she isnt even remotely, most of you couldnt even fit into that body suit, judgemental twats!

  17. elle says:

    Do you guys really beleive all the things you wrote or you are just writing them just for the fun of it?

  18. Mrs. Westerberg says:

    I think it’s the way she talks. It’s just so annoying it makes everybody nuts. That and the ugly clothes. It’s not really personal.

  19. kaykay says:

    Don’t judge her for the terrible outfit, she’s stressed out because Solange is trying to kill her!

  20. DJ Tenn. says:

    I have to laff when I watch this well oiled cash machine that Papa Knowles and Jay-Z have got under mind control..
    Beyonce is the closest thing young people have today to anything that comes close to resemble real 20th century glamour.
    But I really dont see calling her fat , she looks fine .

    Funny , she is such a Miss Ross, kick the other 2 Destinys Child members Kelly & Michelle to the curb and get generic interchangeable back up dancers , saves money , easier to deal with …

    I think all the alleged beef between her and Rhianna is just hearsay to sell papers and gossip fodder. Im sure she is not bothered , that child is set to retire @ 30 , they have milked her for everything she is worth and then some.

  21. You'll so funny says:

    Why do white people insits on calling Beyonce fat. I dont see any flab, all her fat is in her ass and thighs which is typical for most black women. As long as your stomach is tight and you have a small waist, in most black communites your considered physically fit. But white people are happy with having no ass at all and with their meager looking thighs but what ever keeps your white men happy. But most black men and some white men love Beyonce fat ass.

  22. JJWalker says:

    Why does that ape always look like she is taking a crap?

  23. carrie says:

    heheheh what a muppet

    if only I could dance like that I’d be complete.

  24. Candi Apples says:

    Beyonce should ask for a refund,because her Spanx aren’t making her look any slimmer!

  25. Lita says:

    U guys are crazy. She is annoying, but she is far from fat. She has a beautiful body and a beautiful face. Everybody is so used to seeing
    skinny crackheads that they think that shit is cute. it’s not cute for a twenty or thirty something year old to look like she has a body of a 12 year old.

  26. AlFranken says:

    What do you call JayZ and Beonce?


  27. MsGleam says:

    Bey looks GREAT…anyone who says different is just jealous! Bey keeps her wedding ring cleaned with:


    Natures Gleaming Clean puts the BLING on everything…from Platinum to Fake!


  28. faye says:

    this is my 1st and last time on this racist site!!!! these comments most of u r making cause young girls to b anorexic. she wears a size 4 135 and is 5ft6in tall.there is nothing fat about her and all these ape and money comments show was u guys really feel.Rhianna is talented in her own right and is not stick skinny either.there is room for both singers.i guess u white ppl r not happy unless u can c through the person like hilary duff,mary-kate how disguisting. i now know what this site is about flat a$$es and big fake boobs not apealing in the latino and black community fyi the camera adds ten pounds and in her single ladies video u don’t c an ounce of fat.ooh and i think theses type of comments is what sent karen carpenter over the edge and had a heartattack from anorexia hope u guys r proud and all u r kids make u happy by weighting 100 pounds at 5 ft 6inches.

  29. Carebearstare says:

    I CANT STAND BEYONCE and her style stealing, grimey shady self!

    But she is NO WHERE NEAR FAT!! Whoever thinks she is fat has some serious image issues. Granted her weight fluxuates and she has been chunky at some points, but her weight here is fine and most men appreciate a woman who LOOKS like a woman, small waist, nice sized boobs and a Marylin-esque curvy figure.

  30. truth says:

    There is waaay too much haterade in this post and in the comments. Have you nothing better to do than hate on those more successful than you? Move on…

  31. thomas says:

    Beyonce is looking good. You go girl! Thanks for putting up that video, however misguided your reasons.

    Question if Beyonce is fat at about 5.5 and 120 what weight is a regular person supposed to be? What about a slim girl?

    J Love was right. Be strong Beyonce!!!

  32. Lola says:

    Beyonce is certainly not fat, but undeniably annoying and in dire need of a fashion stylist. Clearly her mommy is not giving her the honest truth whenever she walks on a stage with another halloween costume.

    Her onstage antics, however – from dropping on the floor and kicking up in the air – to super tight leotards that announce her camel-toe to the entire world – are certainly not a pretty sight and are an abomination to watch.

    I guess when you have money and are married to a criminal, you are allowed to do whatever you want…

  33. huhwhat says:

    given the chance, all you fat couch potato ass crackers would be all up in some Beyonce, so cut the bullshit.

  34. Leroy says:

    I bee tinkins dat Be is so talented dat yoos alls bees hatins ons her you hatahs he harin wit da hat whi yo al be da hatins ons it yo be jelus no b hatin on its u craka be hatins.

  35. Leroy says:

    I be tol yu al, powa to da smat black man!

  36. LOULOU says:

    Alabama Chaptick.. what the fuck do you know about fashion coming from alabama you country ass bitch. you got some nerve callin her fat. you must be one of them skinny bitches with no ass. this website is so LOW BUDGET.

  37. Divabitch says:

    She is one well PAID FINE DIVA.

  38. She is looking so hot :)

  39. BEEONCE FAT …………………………..

    Rhianna thin AND PERFECT..






  40. Vijay Coomar says:

    No one made any racist comment on Beyonce but blacks, as usual, can’t do without the race card. How do u blacks even know the people who made those racist(according to u blacks) remarks are white? Now before u leap to conclusions and play the ‘white racist’ card on me lemme inform u that i’m brown and indian. Blacks are the biggest racists in the world and i hate ignorant racists.


  41. screwbini says:

    Leroy, Alabama Chapstick and Vijay are some of the most ignorant a-holes I’ve noticed in a long time. I don’t care what color they are, they’re all morons and they should eat each other and die.

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