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Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Naked Scene in Strip Search of the Day

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a fucking monster. I’ve seen a few of her movies and sure seeing her piss herself in secretary was alright, but you know with a face like that, the only way to get the fuck ahead is to do things that normal hot chicks wouldn’t bother with.

That said, this is a video of her getting strip searched, in a movie called Strip Search, that came out in 2004. It was sent to me today, so I guess it’s making it’s rounds and since staying as far from Gyllenhaal as I can, because she scares me, it’s new to me.

The point of all this is to say, you don’t need to look good to get naked because watching her get felt up and cavity searched unwillingly, then curl in a ball and cry about it before throwing a tantrum because part of her felt violated and the other part of her appreciate the male attention is amazing even if it is from 2004.

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24 Responses

  1. LOL says:

    Fucking Slut LOL with a man face

  2. LOL says:

    What a Bush

  3. matt says:

    when did spider man get a boob job?

  4. YanniYarko says:

    Ithink the guard has a Christopher Walkin complex…listen at 1:30

  5. Nate07 says:

    I hope he got a bonus for doing that. That shit is above and beyond what any sober man should ever have to do.

  6. Barrack Obama says:

    It’s probably all her faggot brother’s fault. Still weird to watch. It’s like watching Kristen Dunst with tits and actual acting ability.

  7. no-one says:

    Maggie is hot! Always have been, I love her films & body so much.

  8. Sto cazzo says:

    This is so trashy it makes me actually want watch this crap! Thank you drunky!

  9. geo8x6 says:

    that’s the guy from Lost… He got to see her naked lol Poor guy

  10. For money, it’s ‘art’. With a boyfriend or husband, it’s rape. Fucking useless slagpiles.

  11. Right Guy says:

    And I suppose all you people look like Jennifer Anniston.Picking on someones looks is pretty shallow.She ain’t that bad.

  12. 8===D ~~o (o )( o) says:

    At least you know her knees will never be cold thanks to those saggy tits.

  13. Amber Taylor says:

    her tits match her face.

    i always thought she was one of the ugliest people i’d ever seen.
    i’m not even sure she’s human.

    homely as fuck in ever way…

  14. Big Bad John says:

    I would love to suckle upon her teet!

  15. spunkymonkey says:

    nice sene if u ak´s me as horny as u kan get in regular films only beter if he dose the nasal exploration after the anal and vagi ¿ no ?

  16. spunkymonkey says:

    ” ¡thanks da ! “

  17. Cunty Cuntall says:

    Would Have Been Better If He’d Left Her With A Dirty Sanchez !!

  18. marshall says:

    I would like to touch her in asshole if allow me too…

  19. ryan says:

    It’s Miles from LOST!!!!!! Love that guy…

  20. dave says:

    i would’ve made her lick my knob then given her some hard boning followed by the trusty ass to mouth…..3 times a day is what this doctor prescribes….heheheheh

  21. lil wayne says:

    he went from feeling up maggie to playing lost i think his career went down after that not up she has a boy body old woman tits and a 70s bush i bet when she was young her mom used to tie some meat around her so the dogs could play with her

  22. Expletive(BMP) says:

    this is fucking marvelous, how the fuck did I miss this, shows you what fuck cunts we all miss when busy with life.

  23. poop says:

    i bet jake has wacked it a few times to this…

  24. Jessica says:

    Hell popp knowing Maggie she probably masturbated a few times to this herself

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