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Pam Anderson Picture of the Day

So this is the story that goes along with this picture:

I spotted Pamela Anderson at the “Angels and Athletes” party at Aja in Tampa, FL this past Saturday.

She was out celebrating (something) the night before the Super Bowl.

Pam was on hand as the headline attraction for the night…unfortunately for her, she forgot to bring her A-Game…or a hairbrush.


I have a feeling she is making this face because shejust felt her busted up uterus slipping out of her skirt because she didn’t wear underwear again, but I guess she could be making this face because she’s scared, or sad, or concerned or even surprised. Maybe it’s got to do with her dying career, beauty or sex appeal….or maybe someone just flashed her the 8 ball of coke she’s about to dig her whore face in, or maybe a guy she once banged just told her he has AIDS and has to tell past lovers by law. I really don’t know or care but someone emailed it to me and I figured I’d switch it up by posting it anyway because I have nothing better to do and no matter how hard I try to go back to sleep and no matter how tired I am right now, the alcohol withdrawal isn’t letting me. Asshole.

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  • Rose

    I think you nailed it with your first choice, I doubt the hiv/aids would work her over after the first couple hundred (low ball) times she was given notice, on the other hand dragging part of ones no no around behind ones self would be a concern, you would think she would have a body guard with broom and dust pan for just such occasions.