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Kanye’s Lesbian Hipster Girlfriend Dressed Like a Clown of the Day

If you’re wondering why Kanye’s dating some lesbian hipster, it’s because she’s got a haircut he can deal with as long as he fucks her from behind and she answers to the name, Jeff.

Here are some pictures of Amber Rose, Kanye’s Girlfriend, and her Ex-Girlfriend…Doing Some PG Dyking Out

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7 Responses

  1. nunya says:

    i cant stand this self absorbed talentless faggot, his gf looks like a pre-op tranny

    he probably bends over staring at a mirror with his LV shoes telling the bitch to take her dick out and pound his nigger ass

    someone should shoot these assholes

  2. RXB says:

    I’m black and i agree with you 100% LOL See we’re all not so bad. Besides I know whites hate black people The only thing is i don’t give a fuck.

  3. 1001001 says:

    She looks like a white/female version of him.

    That’s tripping me out.

  4. Satan666 says:

    Does anybody else think that his head looks too large for his frame?

    Could just be the pics or it could just be my hatred for him adding distortion to my perspective…

  5. nunya says:

    his head is filled with large amounts of shit and vanity…so i think you got a point there satan

  6. out of hell says:

    A rope, a tree and a dream is what Kanye needs.

  7. RXB says:

    What would he do with the rope? I understand the tree and the dream, but the rope?

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