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Rihanna’s Post Beat Up Look of the Day

I don’t know what the fuck Chris Brown did to Rihanna, but she looks all kinds of messed the fuck up, I guess these pictures of her explain why she got back together with him, and that’s because she’s all kinds of messed the fuck up.

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  1. Mike says:

    Are you sure thats Rihanna? This girl looks way too white.

  2. Satan666 says:

    Rihanna’s been doing the “skin bleaching” because she heard that white guys treat their women better so she’s trying to catch herself one.

  3. serafina says:


  4. Mike says:

    Too bad the bleach didn’t work on this guys mustache. Thats without a doubt a dude.

  5. nunya says:

    i lol’d

  6. GeminiEye says:

    LOL i was like wtf is that really her.

  7. JRod says:

    That’s the fuckin Karate Kid in drag!!!

  8. Mateus says:

    very good


  9. lesles says:

    LMAO thats nor rihanna! lol you got me!

  10. n2tattoos says:

    that is too Rhihanna! lookit…there’s Chris in the background!

  11. kirbeegee says:

    Hahah damn, good one, almost fooled me. Sure as fuck looks like rhianna wannabe

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