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Tamara Mellon’s Still on the Beach and She’s Pickin’ Her Ass of the Day

I am bored of this Tamara Mellon bitch. I gave her love. I wrote she was a hot 40 year old multi-millionaire, designer shoe owning motherfucker. I gave her credit for not being a typical whore wallet fucking groupie and I said she had a hot tight little ass I’d like to explore like some kind of South Pole expedition in the 1940s and she never reached out, she never emailed me, she never said “hey thanks for not rippin on me despite wanting to rip me apart with your sex toy collection and other household objects”, so I am posting pictures of her picking her ass like she was the poor kid I went to school with who always had black fingers and smelled like shit, who was constant in his ass pickin’ because he didn’t have access to toilet paper because that was one of life’s luxuries and because he had some kind of ass worms from his poor hygiene, when he was probably the last person who could afford ass worms or any parasite for that matter, because his daily diet consisted of a chocolate bar.

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