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Kelly RIpa is Suckin’ Her Fingers of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kelly Ripa fingerbanging her mouth like the whore that she is. I guess she is demonstrating how she does shit on her vagina now that shit has pumped out all those fucking kids and shit is out of commission, you know nice and worn out like an old fuckin' boot that you pull out of the river and are forced to roast over the fire and eat because you're a poor hobo who is dying to eat, only a little hotter than that.

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  • Steve Lick

    My ex used to make the same face as she was trying to remove one of my freakishly long asshole hairs out of her mouth.

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  • Bob Smith

    I have a feeling Kelly goes the extra mile to please her man.

  • Perv

    I have something for Kelly to suck on that is tastier than her fingers.

  • voodoo

    Holy shit…she’s got man arms!

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