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Elizabeth Berkley’s Menopause Ass of the Day

There was a time when Elizabeth Berkley was the hottest shit, you know a little Saved by the Bell Saturday morning jerk off session. There was a time she was getting naked and givin lap dances in movies and now she’s just menopausal. I guess that is the circle of life or someshit, but I’m no philosopher so I could be wrong.

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  1. Perv says:

    Menopausal or not that ass still looks good enough to fuck. Just stock up on lube.

  2. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    She had great nipples in that pole dancing movie she did. Great nipples are all I need.

  3. Jane Mare says:

    Menopausal? She’s not even 37 for chrissakes.

  4. YOyo says:

    Wow, flat ass….nasty

  5. cowbulls says:

    That ass has taken a hell of a lot of pounding. I would like to add my share of flattening to it.

  6. Shaun says:

    She has no ass. WTF. My younger brother has a better ass…

  7. Lou says:

    Hey Shaun,
    What’s with you and your younger brother? You studying for the priesthood or somthing?

  8. A man named GOB says:

    Yup difinitely a bad shot of it, however in real life it is absolutely perfect.

    Haha fuckyou!

  9. A man named GOB says:

    Yup definitely a bad shot of it, however in real life it is absolutely perfect.

    Haha fuckyou!

  10. nunya says:

    pancake butt

  11. BigBlakCock says:

    Yuck, another flat ass stupid white bitch with no talent.

  12. Goliano says:

    That’s not an ass it’s a washboard.

  13. lex says:

    @BigBlakCock: you are a stupid racist peice of shit

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