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Kanye West Uses Amber Rose to Pretend He Isn’t Gay of the Day

I will only believe that Kanye is straight when he releases a sex tape, you know of him actually inside of Amber Rose, and even then I would have to be on set to make sure that he wasn't staring at a dude jerking off in the corner or gay porn to stay hard while fucking Amber Rose. You see, I know gay people and I know that they grab and fondle and even make out with their fag hags. They grab their tits and slap their asses and the whole thing is more of a joke and game to them. I've even seen a fag simulate rape on a girl, but dude wasn't hard and the second a bitch tried to fuck him cuz she liked the attention he was giving her, since she was fat and never had that much male attention in her life, he freaked the fuck out because you see in being gay, the idea of fucking chicks and the vagina are the real determining factors.

So here are some pics of Kanye showing his best girlfriend some love, because she let him style her hair or choose her outfit or someshit while talking about boys, he's not kissing her cuz he fucks her or is all hung up on her, ther is no way he isn't kissing her as a friend.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Hurricane

    This dude is so gay it ain’t funny. Look at his crew on that episode of Entourage. A school of gay fish!

    Kanye, it’s OK! Come out of the closet my man. Nobody is going to give a damn since we all know you are already.

  • HelloKitty

    that the most awkward kiss i have seen in a while… maybe since M. jackson and Maria Presley..
    Hurricane is right, come out and start enjoying yourself already.. unleash u inner slutness, instead of looking like a fool with that A. Rose.

  • Henriette

    Me not buying.

  • Bob Smith

    Less of Kanye, more of this chick, preferably naked.

    She’s a butter face for sure, but oh, what a smokin’ body.

  • drunken pig

    Kanye go away….NOW!!

  • KH

    Kanye is so obviously gay. Why else would he be dating this tranny?

  • astole’

    loser kayne needs to just disappear!

    losernega done don’t have a carreerr now!

    who is dat tranny he is kissing?


  • kanyekiss

    I think Kanye made a fake account under the name Bob Smith… hmm?

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