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Sophie Monk Shows Her Legs for her Dirty 30 of the Day

It turns out that Sophie Monk turned 30 over the weekend and I take satisfaction in knowing that she is no where near where she wanted to be at 30 in terms of success in her career in her life plan…knowing she used to sit in her class back in high school telling everyone how she’s going to be famous and how she’s going to be a celebrity and how they’ll be taught that math is not needed when you’re fabulous….and I just love knowing she knows she’s a failure and I hope she hangs up her muppet face and becomes the gutter stripper her hot body leads me to think she was really destined to be…Happy fucking birthday.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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14 Responses

  1. quantum tits says:

    fuck dude, now that’s method!

  2. PenDoosh says:

    Why is this chick always alone walking down a street someplace…..???

  3. Drunken Pig says:

    Ah Yeeeees….a mouth built for cock-sucking!!

  4. get says:

    She was in Australia yesterday. She was on a TV show. She sounds smarter than she looks.. as in her voice.. but the actual words that come out are just fucking weird. She said she wished her mum had kept her legs closed for one more month so she could have been born in 1980.

  5. Bob Smith says:

    She is weird looking. Almost attractive, and almost ugly.

    It’s very strange.

  6. sootdog says:

    if she knew how to wear makeup…not like a hooker….oh baby

  7. pixi says:

    sophie! stay here in australia! dont go back to that hell-hole america! look at what theyve done to you! youve become like an L.A zombie.
    youll end up like nicole kidman.
    remember the bardot days? man, you were as beautiful as an angel, back then. every aussie chick wished they were you. now you look like some kind of oblivious holocaust victim, and so, so tired.
    take note of what denise said to you on the 7pm project and eat something, honey. eat something.

  8. get says:

    what the fuck

  9. Kittykat says:

    Hey, she’s fucking hot shit in Aussie!

  10. Bob Smith says:

    “Hey, she’s fucking hot shit in Aussie!”

    That’s like saying you’re the smartest guy in Australia. The bar is very low.

  11. Toosh says:

    Bob Smith: yeah, just ignoring the fact that Australia is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to medicine and R&D. But no, we’re idiots.

    What a narrow-minded, ignorant twat you are.

  12. MEGADOUCHE says:

    ^^^Plus, you got Mad Max, which is pretty sweet.

  13. bobbysmith says:

    is she standing on a street corner eating a birthday cake? this whore is always looking for the camera

  14. Broomstick says:

    Jesus, she’s fucking ugly. Even Parisite Hilton is way more pretty than that fug bitch. lol

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