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Kelly Clarkson is Lookin’ Good of the Day

I hear Kelly Clarkson gives a much better performance if they rub her mic in bacon fat. Shit drives her fucking bananas and she knows she can’t just run off stage in the middle of a show to pig the fuck out, so she gives it as hard as she can, jacked on pheromones from the smell of her one true love, knowing that if she just makes it thru the next hour, she’ll be in her hotel room bath eating her way thru life in no time. Seriously, at this size, it’s safe to say her love songs are about food, eating and sitting on her fat ass. Either way, it’s always nice to see girls you may have jerked off to become seriously fat chicks, not that you’ve ever jerked off to her, but I’m thinking at least one of you has, cuz I’ve always thought she was disgusting but the hate mail I get about her seems to make me think other people don’t….maybe because she’s the first American Idol representing America with her pant size.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  1. johnson says:

    bitch looks like shrek

  2. nunya says:

    wtf happened to her?

  3. hammond egger says:

    she got fat…really fat.

  4. hacksaw says:

    I’d hit it.

  5. AnnaDraconida says:

    “maybe because she’s the first American Idol representing America with her pant size.”

    Ahahaha… well said

  6. Cheds says:

    I think she is thick but it looks like she is at her natural body weight. It’s well distributed instead of just all being on her ass or belly. She is talented and can actually sing too. She gets a free pass from me for that.

  7. Jim says:

    She’s hot. Finally a full-figured hot chick in pop music! w00t

  8. Sookie says:

    Yeah she has few extra pounds but she is good example that you dont have to be a size 0 to be talented and successful. She has a likeable girl next door quality, and although she isn’t “hot” she can sing and is repesentative of the average American girl.

  9. Bob Smith says:

    “but it looks like she is at her natural body weight. ”

    Sorry, it’s not natural for people to be fat. And when you lose weight, you have to *exercise* for your body to regain it’s “natural” shape.

    She should never wear tight pants. those aren’t legs, they’re pork chops in pants.

    To those saying “she’s hot”, I can only imagine you’re either fat yourself, or you’re a chubby chaser. She’s about 3 sandwiches away from being another Mama Cass Eliot

  10. nunya says:

    at least she’s keeping her pork rinds covered

  11. kurtis E Bear says:

    I think she’s a sexy full figured woman with a great ass. Leave the poor girl alone, and yes i like chubby women.

  12. Americansareidiots says:

    And whoever says she looks fat must blow away when fans turn on and wear jingle bells so people can see them. fucking wafers. eat a damn sandwich you anorexic shallow assholes. You get sick when you see fat people, I want to puke when i see skinny people who look 5 seconds away from passing out all the time. We’re all disgusting so get off your high horses.

  13. Expletive:BMP says:

    i don’t get it, so she’s fat, fuck, i’m fat, so the fuck what.

  14. Bob Smith says:

    “And whoever says she looks fat must blow away when fans turn on ”

    Exercise and self-control at dinner are your friend.

  15. Katie says:

    And not caring what other people think about you is self confidence. Im a size 4, i have a big butt…but ive had that since birth, nothing a treadmill and a carrot can do for me.

    I would love to hear what Ms Clarkson thinks of your thighs in tight pants. Oh wait, she DOESNT CARE. And neither should you,remember, ” it’s whats on the inside that counts” ” beauty is only skin deep, not how you look in skinny jeans.

  16. RAY J IS A FAGGOT says:

    Damn, this bitch looks like an Elephant at the zoo, shit I almost thought this was Rosie O’Donnell singing into a dildo.

    It must have of been the depression of Kelly’s 2 flopped record albums that pushed her into KFC. It seems kelly made sure she sucked the bones and thighs off every bucket of chicken.

    Ameriansareidiots,and Sookie, This shit is deeper than Snacks.

    If you two heavy loads think this is a normal size, than you must be on ruffies. This hefty wide load needs to slim down.


    Katie, how tall are you and how much do you weigh because i find it hard to believe that you have a big butt and are a size 4.

  17. Steve Mcqueen says:

    She looks like the girl next door-Next door to krispy kreme!-

  18. RAY J IS A FAGGOT says:

    I think all these women and male’s defending her are fat women and men trying to put their insecurities to rest. Hippo’s supporting Hippo’s, you could call it. Nothing wrong with being a hippo, but a hippo knows it is a hippo, not a gazelle. Kelly looks like that fat black girl who played in precious.

    We are calling it like we see it, this bitch is fat, and needs to slim down. I can see from the picture that she has a weight problem, I dont understand you sloppy women who have this problem always trying to talk it up as self confidence. When it reality it is a lack of food and beverage restraint and control.

    Try to eat a little further from the table and get some vegetables and drink green tea. Do some sports and shit, there is no reason you should be that large.

    Katie the rest of you whales need to stop enabling fat ass behavior, because when you enable fat ass behavior, individuals think its okay to be fat asses. When you stop lying to yourselves that is when you understand its time to hit a treadmill.

  19. The kurtis C Bear says:

    I’m 5’10 and weigh 170lbs I’m not fat, like i said l like CHUBBY women not fat/obese but i have to admit Kelly is right at the limit of what i consider sexy/chubby

  20. The kurtis C Bear says:

    Katie is right, Kelly seems have a real world view of body image, she even admitted that her weight fluctuates weather she exercises or not . she doesn’t conform to Hollywood’s warped standards of beauty good for her.
    I would date Kelly and 100 girls just like her over the Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and Calista Flockhart’s of the world

  21. Bob Smith says:

    “Katie, how tall are you and how much do you weigh because i find it hard to believe that you have a big butt and are a size 4.”

    Katie is probably really cute. Girls who worry about their butt being too big usually don’t have a butt that’s too big.

    “Kelly seems have a real world view of body image”

    That’s code for “she’s eats at McDonalds all the time, and she hates exercising”.

    When you look like that, you’ll be dead by age 62. If you take care of yourself, you get an extra 25 years. But hey, keep eatin’ at Taco bell and sittin’ on the Barcolounger.

    Remember, there’s something in between this fat chick and underweight chicks. It’s called *normal*. Nobody is hatin’ on you because you need to lose 15 pounds. But c’mon, this girl could lose 35 pounds easy. That will kill her before she gets to retire and count her millions.

  22. PenDoosh says:

    She is too good for this world’s……………..diets.

  23. mena says:

    Why are you so surprised? I really don’t get it… she’s american, right? lol Nowadays 90% of you are fat. And she’s probably less fat that an average american person!

  24. The kurtis C Bear says:

    why don’t you keep your generalization’s to your self, because their are no fat people in YOUR country right?
    what do you consider healthy, their are healthy athletes that drop dead and their are people that smoke for 30 years eat deep fried food and live to be 80+. so unless you are her doctor you people have no business calling her or anyone else fat

  25. Bob Smith says:

    Little Miss Independent seems to have a dependency on Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Large Fries, and a hot apple pie.

    Oh, and Kurtis, I think Mena is hot for you.

  26. freber says:

    Don’t we have enough celebrities who have no talent except being skinny and plastic surgeried to barbiedom? I’m not a huge fan of Kelly, but at least she can sing. I would love to go back to a world where musical talent relied on good music and musicianship, not whether you’d like to “hit it”. I think there is enough porn stars around for that particular fantasy (considering the assholes who say that probably couldn’t get any if they tried). Give me the homeliest person on earth and if it’s music I’d like to listen to on my stereo w/o visual, that works for me.

  27. datroof says:

    What can one say when one looks at these pictures but…


  28. Elrond says:

    Shit, if the only thing you can pick on her about is her weight, I’d say she’s doing pretty damn well. You don’t seem to have anything to say about Ruben Studdard’s fat ass, so what’s with the misogyny?

  29. Bob Smith says:

    “Don’t we have enough celebrities who have no talent except being skinny and plastic surgeried to barbiedom?”

    Well sure, but here’s the thing. She’s talented, but not Ella Fitzgerald talented where it’s all about the voice. Or Diana Krall (but of course, she’s extremely talented, and attractive. Or Billie Holliday. Or Diane Schuur. Or Dianne Reeves. Or Elaine Elias. Or Ann Hampton Callaway. Or Jane Monheit. These are singers. You could care less if they were as skinny as a stick or fat as a moose… it never occurs to you what they even look like.

    She’s just not in that league. Let’s face it, she’s a *celebrity*, not a singer. She made her mark on a TV show in a sea of forgettable talent. She appeals to the masses as the flavor of the week.

    Ruben Studdard? Never heard of him. Probably an American Idol winner?

  30. Drunken Pig says:

    Right on Bobby boy…it’s give me tits I’ll give you hits these day’s…
    Don’t waste your time on these moron’s!!

  31. Mia says:

    She’s not fat. She’s put on a few pounds but certainly not fat. She’s still ridiculously talented and beautiful so wtf ever. She’s a normal woman with curves. I wish these blog sites would stop making women feel they have to be rail thin to be attractive. It’s like that enjoy f*cking bony chicks.

  32. PALIN PUSS FART says:

    Why not activate Anorexia or Bulemia?
    Book Deal, Visit to BIG SLOB OPRAH show, Jenny Craig Deal, Self Cover, than Repeat ALA

  33. Jess says:

    I would like REAL pictures of every commentator as well as the blogger so we can see how you measure up. After all, you all must be gorgeous specimens if you feel that you have the right to comment on somebody else’s appearance. Why aren’t you famous models? I bet none of you are overweight or really tiny, smelly or have bad acne, right?
    I’m sorry, until I see some actual proof that you are so beautiful and work every day to KEEP that beauty, I’m going to assume you are all tiny little men with tiny little dicks who still need mommy to make their meals and do their laundry.

  34. hollywood sucks hairy balls says:

    who ever wrote this blog is mad because they can only dream of being with a woman like Kelly. go back to giving reach-a-rounds to men in a dirty truck stop restroom while snorting lines of cocaine of the piss soaked floor you loser.

  35. RAY J IS A FAGGOT says:

    Jess, I do not tell lies, people have told me I look like a young Denzel Washington.

    Now If you want, I can put up a picture of myself or I could personally email them to you Jess. You can send me some naked pics of you and than me and you can have raunchy phone sex.

    With you on the other line saying:

    I wore something special for you tonight, RAY J. Can you guess what it is, No i cant but I am willing to guess, a hat,

    No, silly, I’m wearing a thin white t-shirt and tight cut-off jeans. Gee, I hope you don’t mind, but I forgot to wear any panties.

    No I dont mind that you arent wearing panties Jess,


    Jess, the woman is fat, just because you can relate to her fatness doesn’t mean that I am fat or have acne and a small dick.

    Maybe Bob and drunken and few others do but certainly not me.

  36. RAY J IS A FAGGOT says:

    My dick is enormous

  37. hollywood sucks hairy balls says:

    RAY J FTW! lol

  38. Bob Smith says:

    Jess, I agree with Ray J. You post a nude picture (you’ve got to show pink), and I promise I’ll show you my picture. I look goddamned good. I guarantee I’m better looking, richer, have more stuff, a better job, are more respected, and get better pussy than anyone you know.

    Life isn’t fair to a lot of you folks. I respect that.

  39. LisaD says:

    I love her — she is charming and talented and I think she has stayed “real” after all that has happened. She’d look a lot better if she lost a little bit of weight and went back to curvy, instead of chubby, but who cares, I still think she is attractive.

  40. hollywood sucks hairy balls says:

    +1 LisaD

  41. BBW lover says:

    I think she’s hot as hell, i love her music, and that ass is just exquisite!!
    I wish i could date her because she’s such a sweetheart.

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