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Cameron Diaz and Her Amazing Legs on Set of the Day

The producers of this new Cameron Diaz movie have the right idea. Not only have they cast Justin Timerblake, her ex boyfriend, as her new love interest for publicity. Something that I am sure Jessica Biel would be upset about if Hollywood wasn’t filled with bullshit publicist co-ordinated relationships for these insecure, self-conscious whores, but more importantly if Jessica Biel didn’t have a cock…knowing that there was know way homosexual Timberlake would go back to pretending to be Cameron Diaz’s boyfriend, now that he’s got a bitch who makes him feel like the bitch he is, without the world knowing how gay the shit actually is….but they also dress her proper, which is what matters here, since upset jealous girlfriends isn’t really what I do here, but checking out exposed body is….

So here she is Cameron Diaz showing off her amazing legs in this amazing outfit and that’s a good thing no matter how close to 40 this bitch is.

Pics via Fame

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